Ninia Beauty Clinic




24 Feb 2021


15 Apr 2021

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About Client

Nina Rakovic, a woman in love with natural beauty, is the CEO of Ninia Beauty Clinic.
Next to natural treatments, she has natural products based on oil made of roses.
The only Beauty clinic in Belgrade that is focused on natural beauty.

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Highly professional meeting, where she even bring her assistant to make sure everything is well spoken, and to avoid any misunderstandings or miss any important details. We went through all of the possibilities and requirements for her online business, to make sure we're on the same path.

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Since our communication went so well, I immediately knew everything that a client wants. Right away, after first page was complete, I showed my work to her and as expected, she was very pleased with it. After a short period of time, the website was complete and delivered and her business finally became accessible online to the entire world.