The Devil’s Den




11 Apr 2022


12 Apr 2022


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About Client

This project name has a short convention: "dvLden". It's a personal portfolio/blog website that the client developed himself with some fancy technologies. If you want to learn more about the entire tech stack he used, you can visit the "about" page on his website, and there is a section dedicated to that. He's a professional developer and a designer, and I can personally recommend his services if you are looking for something more complex, which of course, comes with a price you may not expect.

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A project of my future husband, so communication was relatively simple and on point as we were both experienced and knowledgeable in the web development department. There's always a need for quality assurance checks, and this was precisely my task for this beautiful project.

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There wasn't a necessity for planning for this task but direct execution. We discussed how everything is supposed to function through the initial phase, so I had everything needed to do the manual QA tests for delivery.