Why power your
website with WordPress?

Why power your website with WordPress?

15Sep, 2020

WordPress has been in use since 2003, and as of today, it has captured more than 60% of the market share, making it the most popular Content Management Software (CMS). So if you are still contemplating whether or not to power your website with WordPress, then here are a few compelling reasons why you may want to switch to a WordPress platform.

Business Reasons

• No Fees Involved

WordPress is an open-source project without any license fees, which makes it free to use for life. Since it is open-source, it is maintained by many volunteers from across the world, each trying to make the platform better. With thousands of plugins and free themes, you are free to get creative with your website to improve its functionality and looks. This saves you money since you do not need to start from scratch each time you want to build a new website.

• Not Bound by A Contract

With no monthly or one-time charges, WordPress does not bind you into any contract. All you need to do is download WordPress and start using it. Whenever you wish to change the site, you are free to do so without paying a single penny.

• Ownership of Data

The best part about WordPress is that whatever you post on your website is solely yours and no one else’s. Whereas you might notice that other platforms have built-in functionalities, which prevents you from doing very little. You are stuck with what the hosting provider provides. On the other hand, WordPress allows you to alter anything on your website. 

You are also free to test the hosts and opt for the high and best-performing ones. With WordPress, you do not need to hire any specialist developer to make any changes. WordPress gives you complete ownership of your website. Moreover, since you do not rent it from any company, you are not accountable for your company’s webpages or files.

• Better User Management

The administrator in WordPress has complete control over the backend user roles. The default customization and management capabilities are, however, limited. Nevertheless, by using plugins, you can expand these capabilities and manage every user’s permissions and privileges more efficiently.

• Ease of Use

WordPress is easy to use, which makes it is very popular. You can easily edit its components without the help of any developer. A very beginner-friendly platform, it is convenient for even a non-technical person to start their WordPress-powered website.

• Powerful for Marketers

WordPress offers various tools for marketers who can make the most out of this platform. Plugins like OptinMonster allows you to capture the mail and boost conversion and subscription. WPForms is a contact form that allows you to create and add forms to your WordPress site. Similarly, several other useful and powerful tools make WordPress ideal for your website. 

Technical Reasons


SEO experts prefer to power their websites using WordPress over other CMS because WordPress easily handles about 80 – 90% of your site’s SEO mechanics. This will help the search tool to crawl your site and collect all the needed information easily. Having a WordPress site gives you a head-start to rank ahead of your competitors. There are also a few plugins that will help make your WordPress site search engine friendly.

• Security

WordPress uses security tools that help protect the site from any common threats and intruders. This is another reason why many big companies run their business on this content management software.

• Reset API

The reset API allows developers to build anything they want on top of WordPress. WordPress offers many APIs that give them the freedom to integrate any outside resource into your site.

• Design Flexibility

WordPress is the choicest software when it comes to design flexibility. It offers no restrictions on creativity and vision. Being an open-source platform, this CMS is completely customizable. It gives you access to the website’s front and back end functionalities

• Integration

WordPress lets you integrate some services into the site with ease, which helps to increase traffic and promote sales. It is the fastest and the most accurate way to publish and write great blogs.

• Internationalization

Internationalization is the process of theme development, which can be translated into other languages. WordPress is localized in 65 languages and also offers partial translation in another additional 95 local languages.

Performance Reasons

• Speed

WordPress runs on PHP, which makes it very fast. You are also free to speed it up further using various options like:

  • Reducing the image size
  • Using a lightweight WordPress theme or framework
  • Choosing a reliable web hosting provider
  • Minifying the CSS and JS files
  • Enabling the GZIP compression

• Stability

The CMS goes through frequent updates, and its rich infrastructure contributes to its stability. All its vulnerabilities are discovered and fixed regularly, which allows businesses to run the website more securely.

• Scalability

WordPress grows along with your business, and this is the sole reason why large companies prefer to use this software for managing their content.

To Use or Not to Use WordPress?

For someone who is not sure about WordPress’s features, it can seem to be like any other content management system. However, the reasons listed above can help you make an informed decision and understand why WordPress should be your preferred choice for your next website. In short, it is time you switched to WordPress if you haven’t already!